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Redesign is Design

Dye job on a vintage jacket - Chocolate Brown

When I was working on my Masters in writing, I heard one of my professors tell the class that rewriting is writing. What did he mean by that? Well, for my last assignment of which I would liken to a dissertation, I wrote a 2 hour script (which is 200 pages, btw). Understand that after spilling out my guts , the last thing I wanted to do was rewrite it. But I must. I did. I had no choice. I had to go back and edit my script, and not just for grammar. I had to edit the turning points, the points of view, establishing the main character, and so on (about 36 different things - meaning I had to go back over my script 36 times). It was and still is a necessary thing to do. I graduated with a GPA of 4.0 and obtained my MFA. Later, I sold a script. That is testimony!

A vintage catcher's mitt - relaced, top zipper, interior pockets, new buckle and new buckle straps, exterior zipper added to the back side, and leather conditioner

It is the same for design. Sometimes, you have to go back and edit. Would you throw away a Gucci bag your mother gave you 10 years ago? Even if you got another Gucci bag, the one your mother gave you has sentimental value. It can be redesigned into another bag or wallet. That said, I have restored, redesigned, and repurposed items for customers. I can do the same for your leather items as well. Just take a look.

Replaced the back zipper and the entire trim.

Replaced the strap.

Flimsy black lining replaced with red silk-blend fabric and interfacing - keeping the leather-trimmed pockets.

A traditional woven handbag I bought on our 20 anniversary trip to Hawaii. I want this purse to be an heirloom. The woven straps broke. So, I redesigned the straps with leather and the original straps to take extra wear.

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