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Black History Month

It is a good thing to reflect on the achievements of all the peoples of the world. In February, we will reflect on the achievements of Black Americans, great and small. We know of the known (great) achievements of African Americans, and personally, we know of our own achievements, as well as, those of loved ones, past and present. What we strive for and aspire to are the achievements of future generations. We hope and pray that they will take stride and with wings of hope take flight into territory that was once far from our reach.

As a people, we have come a long way. When scholars first thought that African tribes didn't have a language to pass down history, we all learned from Alex Haley, the author of ROOTS: The Saga of an American Family, that we did. We not only play sports such as football, but also we play tennis and golf. We were thought to not read. We all found out, through Oprah's Book Club, that we not only read but also write. We are intelligent, excellent in math like HIDDEN FIGURES. We love colors like THE COLOR PURPLE. We express ourselves and advocate for justice for all like RUSTIN. Alvin Ailey showed the world that we can be ballerinas. And, we sing about STRANGE FRUIT even when the government wants to take away our freedom of expression.

February is the month of love and reflection. Check out a movie like ORIGIN. Visit the Civil Rights Museum. Eat at an African American Restaurant. Try some Soul Food. Read a book by Toni Morrison. Why not write one yourself? Spend time with family and friends learning about Black History and think about positive changes we can make in the world. Then go out and do it!

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