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The Process of Design

Have you ever taken a good look at the top handbags? Some of them are hand stitched. Some of these handbags may never touch a sewing machine or other machine at all during their production. Such is the spirit of the House of HermesTM. HermesTM started in 1837 as a family owned business with an entrepreneurial spirit. It has expanded from France into other countries such as Italy, USA, UK, Vietnam, and Australia employing almost 20,000 people of whom over 7,000 are expert artisans. To maintain their métiers, over 75% of their objects are designed and manufactured within their exclusive studios. Artisans design the handbags, cut the leather, and assemble them by the use of the simple and elegant saddle stitch. Their processes are not rushed, taking weeks to create their signature pieces. Yet, the company is successful.

Photo by Jacob Godisable

Now, AJH Leather Designs is not as expansive as HermesTM right now. However, we are in the beginning stages as HermesTM was then. We are gradually expanding as this company did. And, as they would not compromise on their processes, neither will we.

We kindly ask for your patience and that you trust the process. Many of our products will not touch a machine. Some of them will touch a machine only per 50% or less, whether skiving machine, sewing machine, or other machine, using the elegant and simple style of hand stitching called the saddle stitch.

Our processes from conception to drawing, to production, to finished product can take days or even weeks. Please allow for this process and give us at least 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design, to create your special project. If you have a special event coming up, please give us the time to give your project a priority status within our production schedule. Also note that in the designing and production processes, you are an integral part of the process.

We do not delay with the time it takes to create your special project. The only waiting time might be in waiting for the delivery of materials. But in that time frame, we are working to perfect the patterns and the mock-ups we created to make your project. Hence, when the materials arrive, we are ready to go into production.

AJH Leather Design is not the only company with this type of process, HermesTM noted. Their are many other companies I admire, which have the same type of processes and fair well with them. One of my favorites is Lili W Storella (@mila.jito on Instagram). Look her up and follow. When I first met her, her items went for $2000 and up. Now, her items go for $4000 and up. Lili is amazing. All of her designs are hand stitched. Her waiting list is 6 months. Wine takes time, my friends!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

AJH Leather Designs is a design house. We create custom and made-to-order items. Our manufacturing processes might not be what the general public is used to. We are used to going to the store, getting something off the shelf, going to the cashier then and there, and leaving with a finished product. Or, ordering an item online and getting that item delivered to our door in 1 to 3 days. Most of these items are not custom or made-to-order. They are 100% mass-produced for the general public.

Photo by AJH Leather Designs

HermesTM is not a company for the general public. Mila JitoTM is not a company for the general public. Neither is AJH Leather DesignsTM. Like these companies, we will not compromise our quality, uniqueness, sustainability or biodiversity footprint. Trust our process and allow us to design and create your special project.

Photo by AJH Leather Designs

For 2024, AJH Leather Designs has added a line of handbags (just starting), belts, and hats (#AmazonHandmade and coming soon to WomanvsLeather) that can get to your door in two to three weeks. Check out our sister online store WomanvsLeather. Join our mailing list and get 10% off your first order. The prices are affordable and maintain the same level and standards of quality and sustainable as our flagship online store, AJH Leather Designs.

Photo by AJH Leather Designs

This handbag is now available on WomanvsLeather.

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