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Available in colors red, orange, black, purple, green, white, brown, dark blue, yellow

Sturdy and stylish messenger bag made in faux leather with interior waxed cotton African print fabric. Carries computer tablet, notebooks, and cellphone. Faux leather exterior, hand strap, nylon shoulder strap with comfort pad. Comes in black, brown, blue, white, green, and many other colors.

For a long time, I carried my choir books and sheet music in a regular shopping tote. This wasn't working for me because the sheet music and books were getting tossed around. They would sometimes fall out of the tote.

These items belonged to the church! I wanted to take extra care of these items and return them to the choir's music library in the same condition I got them. So, I made this bag. It carries a lot of things. It has front and back pockets for cellphone, keys, and other things. The bag is made in faux leather. Rain runs right off of it.

I know some people can get choir sheet music electronically. I'm old school! I like the sheet music and books, just in case the battery runs out. 

The Choir Bag 001

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