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Hey, Y'all! How you doin'?

Welcome to the website. Hi, I'm Arleen, wife, mother, chemist, author, and Principal Designer and owner of AJH Leather Designs Studio. We make stylish and functional leather items for stylish people.  We don't stop at leather. We incorporate other materials, as well, into making our designs. Please take the time to wade through my website. We have items for everyone, young and young-at-heart, men, women, unisex, and more. If you have a special item in mind that you don't see on the website, please contact me on the Contact Page. Custom items are my specialty. Tell me what you want and need. I'll get right to it. 

Stay tuned! Plant-based bio-leather designs are coming soon!

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My Story

AJH Leather Designs is a design house, handmade manufacturer, and retailer whose job is to design products for each critical consumer according to the individual consumer’s needs and wants. All of our products are made-to-order, custom designed, or full couture. In this way, AJH Leather Designs provides individuality in her products and services for each consumer. Customers get the personal one-on-one experience that only celebrities get. The workshop/studio is located in Powder Springs, Georgia.


Her products and services are geared toward giving the consumer the experience of having an item made especially for them. She has an array of products such as but not limited to, wallets, handbags, pouches, and clutches, duffle bags, belts, overnight bags, backpacks, diaper bags, and rucksacks. She creates unstructured, semi-structured and structured bags.


Her products are made of the following materials:

  • All types of leather hides – cow, alligator, snake, fish, ostrich, lizard, shearling, etc.

  • Vegan/Bio leather

  • Faux leather

  • Canvas

  • Cork

  • Hair

  • Fur

  • Faux Fur


Our services include drawing a sketch of the desired design, pattern creation, mock-up, sewing (machine and/or hand stitching), and assembly of the final product.


I would love to design something special for you and yours. Let's discuss your special project!


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