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What Does It Mean to Commission Your Custom-Designed Leather Item with AJH Leather Designs?

AJH Leather Designs is a design house. We design custom leather items for the individual customer (YOU). Each leather item is unique because we cater to your needs and wants.

What is the process?

First, contact us. Book an in-person meeting or virtual zoom meeting with the owner and principal designer, Arleen Jones-Harkness. You can book an appointment below.

This is the phase in which Arleen will discuss with you what type of leather item you want and need. Choose from a variety of handbags such as Boston, clutch, handheld types, backpacks, shoulder bags, waist bags, athletic, functional bags, luggage, wallets, purses; or belts, hats, and other leather items. Or, make up your own perspective. We love to collaborate. "Design" is what we do. We're up for the challenge!

We discuss with you the hardware, strap, and other materials that will be incorporated into the leather item, along with any additions such as pockets or extra straps. You are an integral part of the design process. You will work with Arleen as she uses her artistic expertise to design a quality, gorgeous, and special item for you or someone you love.

Arleen will calculate your invoice and contact you. The consultation cost is non-refundable. But if you should purchase the leather item, the cost will go toward the total cost of the leather item.

Pay your invoice statement. This is when the production process starts. The materials, if not in-house, are ordered and production begins. Please keep in mind that producing an item takes time - anywhere from 5 hours to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the item, and if there are any delays in the supply chain as we have seen in the news.

If there is a special occasion coming up for which you would like your item to be ready, please contact us as early as you can before the event. This way we can produce the item, inspect it, and have it ready for you just in time.

Also, please read our Refund Policy .

And, finally, enjoy your unique and special leather item.

What does the price of your unique item include:

- A trained and self-taught expert artisan and designer trained by Richard and Linda Manigault (Fashion Institute)

- Exceptional quality leathers and fabrics

- handcrafted production

- process-based management

- Quality control from beginning to end of the process

- personalized care in packaging

- a note of gratitude

- a certificate expressing the prestige of DID, Divinely Inspired Designer

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