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The Fannie Fox Collection

The person you see in this old Polaroid® photograph is my grandmother, the late and wonderful Mrs. Fannie Louise Fox. My children, who are grown now, still call her Li'l Grandma. She was 5 feet tall, if that, and slim soaking wet.

This photograph is one of my favorites. I dug it out of one of my scrapbooks.

Li'l Grandma loved to dress. As you can see, she made a fashion statement in the 70s! You wouldn't catch her going to Easter Sunday service without her hat, gloves, stockings, and high-heeled shoes, all of which matched or contrasted with her suit and framed purse. If I recall, my mother and aunt would gift her with shoes, purses, and jewelry. Dad would pick the suit. They had such great taste in styling my grandmother. Yes, grandma had fashion stylists!!

Grandma loved to pose and proudly so, in our living room, wearing the outfit her family gave her. One of us would take her picture with the camera (Polaroid®) where the photo paper slid out of the front of it. Then we'd fan the paper to get the picture to develop. We thought fanning it would make the picture develop faster. I don't think so.

Grandma carried a purse everywhere. If I do recall, almost all of her purses were framed, large or small. Even her coin purse was framed.

I write proudly, Li'l Grandma's name, Mrs. Fannie Louise Fox. And, this is my collection named after her.

See the first handbag/purse - the Fannie Frame Bag 001 in our online catalog.

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