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Parts of My Family

It was great that some family from Alabama visited last weekend, just days after my aunt's birthday. Yes! Aunt Verdell, seated next to my hubby, Frank, and holding Little Buddy, turned 76???? (26!!!) on November 1. I prepare a week ahead of time to be sure to call her on her birthday to wish her so. This goes back to my childhood. When Mubba (Verdell's sister) got me a new pair of shoes, I had to show Little Grandma, Dad, and my Aunt Verdell. I could not leave her out. I am so grateful she came to visit with my cousins Carita and Tracee and their children, Little Carita, Christolyn, Christianna, and Little Christopher who carries my Dad's middle name, James. You also see one of my daughters, Amari. The other daughter, Alysa, took the photo. I'm on the left. Wow! It's like hitting the reset button. Always good to see family.

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