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All Our Bags Got Names!

When I design a bag, I make it with a certain person, place, event or theme in mind.

There is a story behind every bag I design. This is why I name each of them. Each design reminds me of a certain person I know or have met, or a place I've visited, or some special event. Sometimes, I name a bag after a client (with permission, of course) for whom I designed it. The shape of the bag, what the bag will be used for, how it will be used, and even the color combinations remind me of someone or something.

I named the bag in this picture after my Aunt Verdell. Her nickname is Sook, which means sister. I remember my grandmother, mother, and dad affectionately calling her that when they were alive. Now that they are gone, my aunt might not ever hear that name again. So, I figured why not make this bag as an heirloom and name it "Sook." This was actually Frank's idea. Frank is the best part of me for 38 years, and we are still going strong.

The Stacie Bag is named after a coworker and friend. She's always ripping and running, taking care of family, boss, and coworkers. She does it all. You can say she she's an "essential worker." She also carries a lot of things, including coffee. Stacie needed a bag that is sturdy and can carry the kitchen sink.

The bag she had was, literally, disintegrating before my eyes. And, she had to wash it a couple of times for spilling coffee in it. Stacie commissioned me to design something similar to it. The old bag had the shape and concept she liked. So, I drew up something, made the patterns and the mock up. When she was ready, I constructed the bag. The Stacie Bag has lots of pockets and compartments. And, it's waterproof! If Stacie spills coffee in THIS bag, all she has to do is pour it out and wipe it clean.

I am eager to make the Barbara Bag. This bag will be a cross between handbag and a briefcase. My mother's name is Barbara. This bag will honor Mom for her passions in nursing and law. To put it in a nutshell, Mom (Mubba) was a nurse and later became an attorney. Mubba will be the name my grandchildren will call me.

Then there's Li'l Grandma, Mrs. Fannie Louise Fox. She stood about 4'11. She was a strong, proud, and prissy woman. Loved to dress to the nines - suit, gloves, stockings, high-heeled shoes, corsage, hat, and framed purse to match! I am presently working on a line of framed bags in her honor called the Fannie Fox Collection.

All of my bag designs reflect the personalities of the people who will wear them. I think about the lifestyles, bag functionality, and fashion. I choose materials that will last. Lastly, I always look for the story!!

I will name other bags. Just stay tuned.

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